All about cost of installingsolar panels in Singapore

All about cost of installingsolar panels in Singapore

Well going solar is not expensive anymore, the cost of installing solar panels in Singapore has become much in the last few years but there are some factors involved that claim otherwise.

To begin with, it has to be the roof, if the roof is old, make sure you reconstruct it first, angles are of primary importance as far as placement of panels is concerned. You would notice that the panels are not efficient enough that is because the placement is not right, they are most efficient when they are exposed to maximum sunlight. In such a scenario you would have to undergo the entire trouble of removing the panels to get the structural part sorted, which would automatically affect the overall cost of installation. However, it’s always wise to get clear with any such hindrance so that there are no nuisances.

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We may not realize but the role of a contractor in installing solar panels is highly underplayed. An inexperienced contractor could be an invitation to trouble in terms of most of your time would be spent trying to figure out why and how do the panels not work well. It’s not desirable to misspend more money on something that might have been avoided, a poor installation job would eventually be completely bothersome. Therefore, it’s always sensible to hire somebody experienced enough to get you through the entire process in as smooth a manner as possible without making you pay an abnormal amount.


There has been a considerable amount of difference in the cost of installingsolar panels in Singapore, especially in the last few years but it’s always advisable to make sure you are not quick to make decisions if you want it to be a fruitful investment.


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