Guide For Coping With Tenant Belonging Post Tenancy Cleaning

Guide For Coping With Tenant Belonging Post Tenancy Cleaning

Most letting landlords and agents Will have come across at some point that the unfortunate situation in which a tenant leaves a property but decides to leave different belongings at the leased property – sometimes leaving behind enormous amounts of possessions and sometimes what seems like crap but the question that prevails for lettings agents and landlords is what to do with an ex renter’s possessions

What happens if the tenant reappears and demands their possessions? Can there be any liability or is it that the renters’ loss?

There are three chances –

  • Dispose of possessions that are left – bin or sell!
  • Use them as you please
  • Make attempts to return belongings to tenants

Unfortunately, whilst many would Consider it the renter’s reduction for leaving possessions behind, answer (a) or (b) would equal nil points and possibly an enormous financial loss!

The protection given to post tenancy cleaning Is governed by laws by means of this Torts Act 1977 as well as the common law duty not to be reckless and to act with reasonable care. Legally, in a nutshell the letting landlord or agent becomes what is called of their tenants’ possessions with a duty to act reasonably in respect to the goods. A responsibility is. After all efforts are made to get the tenants, landlord or the agent can eliminate the tenants’ possessions. If there’s some profit after the sale of goods, the tenant can claim that for a period of 6 decades!

Remember that Is not currently responding to correspondence or calls to collect leftover products, the thing is black and white! Think about the possibilities – the renter could be in hospital, on holiday or even in prison!

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