Bring a Peaceful confinement period with Confinement Babysitting agencies in Singapore

Bring a Peaceful confinement period with Confinement Babysitting agencies in Singapore

The postnatal period is an extraordinary time for manyparents, particularly for new moms who are encountering it for the very first time. Dealing with your infant needs over your everydaytasks can be very debilitating without the assistance of a confinement nanny.

Confinement nanny agencies should be registered and endorsed by the Ministry of Manpower in order to facilitate the employment like applying for a legitimate Confinement nanny work permit for confinement nannies within Singapore.

How Nannies or babysitters can benefit Moms?

  • Caring your baby for 24hrs.
  • It can fill in the gaps to ease your households.
  • Cooking food for you and feeding your baby.
  • Baby Massage.
  • Prenatal and Postnatal Massages.
  • Other confinement services.

There are many confinement babysitting services in Singapore. One such service is provided by an agency CaregiverAsia providing confinement nanny services to help moms with full recuperation after labor with child care.

Confinement Babysitting agencies

Why choose us?

Professional Staff

CaregiverAsia firmly accept that confinement is a huge part of a mother’s postnatal phase and we never compromise on the subtleties. Our nannies are well trained with at least 4 years of experience.

Easy Application for Confinement nanny’s work permit

We provide assistance in applying for confinement nanny work permit from a MOM licensed agency.

Well Educated Nannies

Our caretakers will give you adequate knowledge ofconfinement care. This will let you deal with your child even after the babysitter leaves.

Find the most suitable nanny for you

You can have a choice of babysitting by interviewing the most appropriate nanny.

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