Seemingly little facts about electronic waste recycling

Seemingly little facts about electronic waste recycling

Perhaps one of the best things to happen in the only remaining century is the invention of the internet. It has revolutionized how we communicate and live. However, what you cannot deny is that it has led to the development of an entirely new threat to the environment. You may not consider it in this way, however the race to purchase the latest mobile phone, PC or tablet, while dumping old ones in your garbage is breeding a new eco-disaster. While the vast majority are priding themselves to a commitment of a cleaner and greener planet, their activities show otherwise. As per experts, all the mobile phone chargers you threw in the container, the ancient screen you dumped in the garbage can, and the old printer you left in your old home are currently somewhere in a landfill contaminating your environment.

electronic waste recycling

Around 140 million cell phones reach the landfills in America each year weighing a large number of tons, and delivering hundreds of thousands of pounds of lead, which is profoundly poisonous. Moreover, on the off chance that they are not buried contaminating the land, water and air, they are somewhere in an underdeveloped nation, where an employee working in perilous conditions is taking a chance with their life to extract the different metals found in the e waste. On the off chance that you didn’t know already, electronic gadgets contain different toxic metals, for example, mercury, arsenic and chromium. Besides the noxious rubbish, you are additionally discarding precious metals like silver and gold, worth over $60 million each year. The problem begins at home when you discard that damaged USB cable, charger, memory card, hard drive or cell phone. However, research indicates that more than 85% of old computers end up in landfills.

In the event that you feel that is awful enough, electronic waste makes up more than 70% of all harmful material. On the off chance that urgent and exceptional move isn’t made, the problem is attaching to get worse especially with most developing countries presently joining the mobile phone revolution. The key is to recycle most if not the entirety of the electronic waste. It begins by selecting a credible e-waste removal organization, which falls inside the two recycling programs endorsed by the Electronic Recycling Agency. Such an organization will adhere to the great practices of פסולת אלקטרונית that ensure it is done in a proper and safe manner. You would then be able to have true peace of psyche realizing you are adding to improving the world a place to live in.

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